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12 Feb 20
HENSOLDT And MyDefence Deliver Counter UAV Systems To SE Asian Customer

Read the press release here: HENSOLDT and MyDefence deliver counter-UAV systems to SE Asian customer

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09 Dec 19
MyDefence Newsletter December 2019 Edition

MyDefence Newsletter December 2019 edition

Newsletter from MyDefence Communication issued December 2019 covering the results of the EU H2020 project, KNOX, presenting a new white paper on our modular and scalable critical infra structure protection system, and information about organizational changes…

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23 Oct 19
MyDefence Newsletter October 2019 Edition

MyDefence Newsletter October 2019 edition

The first newsletter from MyDefence Communication was issued on October 2019 covering MyDefence's Infrastructure Protection Solution, MyDefence North America's participation in Black Dart, and our new Active Antenna fixed installation…

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