Area drone protection as a wall mounted RF jammer

Product features

DOBERMANN is a state-of-the-art networked Counter UAS jammer that can protect any perimeter against drone threats by actively disrupting the control signal between the drone and its operator. DOBERMANN, however, is not your typical jammer and is packed with next-generation features that will make it stand out, including its scalability, jamming methods and autonomous mode.


DOBERMANN is completely scalable and can be installed in any area, from a prison sized compound to the size of an ­airbase. The networked Counter UAS jammer will make sure to protect any sector of the perimeter against drone threats.

Smart Jamming

Utilizing a next-generation jamming method, ­DOBERMANN is able to perform smart ­jamming, where only a fraction of the spectrum is being jammed, as opposed to jamming larger ­­parts of the spectrum. There are many benefits of ­smart jamming, including the ability to jam drones at a safe distance, with only a few Watt ­output power.

Collaborative Jamming

While most jammers work independently, ­DOBERMANN is built for collaborative jamming. Each jammer is radiating with low power, but in ­collaboration mode they will have a high-power ­effect in the target area, allowing effective defeat of drone threats. Hence the total collateral ­damage to the surroundings will be minimal while the ­effectiveness on target is optimized.

Autonomous Jamming

The DOBERMANN Counter UAS jammer can either function in manual mode, allowing the operator to decide when to actively engage a drone threat, or it may be instantly configured to autonomous mode, which allow the jammer to actively engage drones when detected. For this, the DOBERMANN ­requires the WATCHDOG or WOLFPACK drone detector, which will ­passively detect drones in the vicinity of the ­protected area, and once a drone is detected, the networked DOBERMANN will automatically start jamming the drone’s control signal.

The WATCHDOG networked small UAS detectors are networked RF sensors that provide make/­model information to the end-user by classifying control signals and video feeds to and from the drone.

The DOBERMANN Counter UAS jammer comes ­complete with Command and Control (C2) user interface that provides situational awareness of the ­protected perimeter and threat ­intelligence to assess the risk. DOBERMANN is designed for both civilian and military use and is the most ­advanced drone jammer available on the ­market. The high standards for testing and the ­quality of the ­components ensures high reliability, low ­maintainability and outstanding performance against commercial ­drones used for nefarious ­purposes.

Dobermann Marketing 1 Fritlagt
Dobermann Marketing 1 Fritlagt
Dobermann Marketing 1 Fritlagt Wall Doberman Grey

Technical specifications

  • Frequency antenna: 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.8GHz and 1.6GHz (GNSS)
  • Jamming range ratio: Typical approx. 80%
  • Transmit power: Up to 2W average / Up to 10W peak
  • Weight: 1983g including mounting and cooling
  • Dimensions: H:62xW:158xD:110mm
  • Operational temperature: -30° – 65° C
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Operation: Both automatic and manual
  • Power: Up to 25W (PoE+)
  • Software defined radio: Upgradable
  • Antenna: 6dBi antenna gain EIRP of 8W (39dBm) Circular polarized ½-pwr bandwidth 60° hor. & ver.